May 10, 2011

Olde Timey Looking Comix...

It's funny, I started this comic with no real intention of finishing it, let alone making it look good.  After about an hour of Photoshop jiggery-pokery, it looks nice.  Like I scanned a Golden Age comic!  Huzzah!  I hope everyone enjoys the "Funny-Animal" style, I like to dabble in it when I don't feel like doing anything else, or when I'm experiencing ennui.

April 5, 2011

UStream and Dad Pride

Well, hello there, Reader!  Long time since I've seen you here!  What?  Yeah, I know I haven't been by in almost three months.  Yeah, I know I should have called.  No, I don't really have an excuse.  I guess the closest I thing to an excuse I could offer is that I've been entrenched in a project since the end of February, and it's finally close to being finished!  A while back, I was tapped to provide illustration skills for a local Anthology Comic named "The Matter".  The publisher, Matt Ocasio, was one of my subscription customers at good ole' Things From Another World: Hollywood (and there's probably a sale going on there NOW!!).  I've been working on a 12 page comic called "A Day in June" which will appear in issue #3 of The Matter, and should be out sometime by the end of April.  I'm not really sure how much I'm allowed to share about the mag at this point, but I will share this:  You (that's right, YOU!) can watch me finish inking it!  I've set up a USTREAM channel which features live streaming video of my slow and clumsy hands carelessly slopping ink henny penny all over a clean white sheet of Bristol Board!  There are even archives of the past 4 hours I put into inking one of said pages!
Video streaming by Ustream
Streaming video will even appear here when it is going out live!

But wait, that's not all!  While I'm inking, I'll be taking questions via Twitter (@ShipwreckWill) or by the built in USTREAM chat window!  YOUR CHOICE!!

In other news, my Dad, Rich Wheatley, recently embarked on the most epic of voyages!  For the next six months, he will be solo-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, from the Cali-Mexi border, all the way up into Canada.  I grew up on the stories about my dad repeatedly hiking the Appalachian Trail, which extends from central Maine into Georgia, a total of 2,181 miles.  This took place in the 70's (to my knowledge) and he was known to hitchhike a lot and carry a recorder.  Not a tape recorder, a bad ass wooden flute of doom, that kind of Recørder!  The Pacific Crest Trail is about 2,650 miles, although that's only if you stop in Washington State, and Dad'll be going clear up to Vancouver.  He and I will be collaborating on a blog that will record his adventures in his own words, along with Photos, and illustrations by me!  The blog is Rich's Awesome Adventure, so be sure to check it out as events unfold, and leave him some encouraging words!  GO DAD GO!!!!

Well, that about does it.  If you happen to read this IMMEDIATELY after it is posted, 4/5 12:52pm PST, I will be doing a live inking sesh for most of the remainder of the day, after I eat some lunch and take a shower.  I would be glad to have any onlookers stalk me, or ask me questions, or tell me how cool I am.  Please make sure to tell me how cool I am, or I'll point the camera at my butt, and no-one likes that.

January 18, 2011

The POWER of Metal...

Christina got me some cool new headphones for this year Christmas, and I had broken them by the 27th, because that's exactly how awesome I am.  I attempted to super-glue them back together a number of times, but the glue just wouldn't hold.  I got pretty frustrated with doing that, and maybe a little high from the glue, so I stormed off to buy myself another pair of awesome headphones.  I decided on an awesome pair of Skullcandy headphones, the massive, over the the ear, cup sized ones.  They are very loud, which is how I enjoy listening to music.  Anyway, this was an image that popped into my mind while walking home from the MAX and listening to Iron Maiden.

I think this came out pretty well, but I got to a point with it where it just sat around for so long without being worked on that I think I lost some of the original details of the idea.  In any case, I'm especially proud of the letters.  I'm trying to get a few more "illustrations" together so I can toss together a more legitimate "portfolio"  I'm trying to toss myself back out into the Job Arena, hoping that Cesar will favor me with a Thumbs-Up kind of job.  If I could wind up doing some paid illustration gigs, that would be fantastic.  So, Reader, if you or anyone you know needs an illustrator for a thing, let me know!

December 21, 2010


Last night I got out my sketchbook and decided to noodle up a self portrait, after seeing a couple of fine examples done by R. Crumb.  One of my biggest inspirations is Crumb's subtle noodling, the delicate use of hatching, and the idea that he did a majority of his drawings automatically.  That is to say he just drew them, without sketching a layout first, just pen to paper and presto! Genius.  Here is my first attempt at capturing that kind of look after perusing some of his portraits online:
 Meh... Not so subtle, very over shaded and over worked, a little of balance, but satisfying as a whole.  I don't often work solely in Rapidograph pen for most works, or with pen too often in general, so I think this was a pretty productive exercise.  Next, I made Christina sit still for a few minutes while I drew her.  Let us see:
 This one, in my opinion, came out much much better.  The main lines were all drawn in brush, which I am much more comfortable with at this point.  I used to draw solely in pens, but after being introduced to brushes in college, they stuck with me.  This may be the most realistic likeness of Christina that I've produced to date, with the exception of the weird proportion in the eyes.  The shading is a little off in this one, but I tried my hardest to keep it light and functional.  I am mostly proud of the brushwork, and that I managed not to go hog wild with the shading.

I was really tempted to go back in Photoshop and tweak these before I posted them, but I'm glad I didn't.  They look better unmolested and in their natural form.  I did however, flip my self portrait because I drew most of it looking in a tiny mirror, and I drew my hairline as a mirror image.  I corrected this so it would look like I had drawn me looking at me, and not at a mirror.  Well, that concludes this weeks foray into Art College level drawing activities, maybe there will be some more in the future.  I enjoy drawing stuff like this, maybe I should do it more often?  What do you think?  Leave me a comment, and let me know!

December 17, 2010

Rotten Apple IV: Burning Disc of Frustration

The absolute ineptitude of my computing device strikes once again!  I am indeed burning some DVD's for "someone", but at this time I am purposely withholding the name and the show.  While burning these DVD's, each one has taken at least 8 hours to complete.  Someone told me that this is because I burn on the "Best" setting, which defaults to 2x, but if I burn any faster the video quality suffers severely.  This has made the process torturously slow, and quite irritating.  Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?

I haven't heard any cries of protest or demands for desisting in creating and posting these comics about my shitty computer.  I take this lack of outcry as silent encouragement, so I will continue to chronicle my technological battles.  Well, time to go back to working on X-Mas gifts, toodles!